Service Contracts

A service contract can be the best way to keep your buildings systems operational. Routine inspections and scheduled service maintenance. Can extend equipment life and minimize system interruption from unexpected failure. By inspecting and maintaining systems through planned service. Issues can be identified early, and optimal efficiency can be obtained. Preventive maintenance follows equipment manufactures recommendations, to allow systems to operate with more reliability. Most systems require maintenance and planned service. A contract with DMS will allow better control of your budget and planned system down time. DMS contracts offer special options to our customers, guaranteed response time, preferred rates and onsite material. Service contracts are available on multiple platforms along with custom contracts to meet the needs of your company and system.



Contract term is one (1) year and provides routine maintenance with scheduled inspections. The contract provides inspection reports and deficiencies logs after each service. Equipment and systems vary in maintenance, DMS can provide an option that meets any requirement. DMS is dedicated in helping extend equipment and system life. While minimizing inconvenient down calls in operation.


DMS can provide a contract that incorporates all or most of all trade services in one. No more wasting time remembering which contractor to use for each issue. One phone call and we can handle it. Having one contract for your needs creates an effortless environment for you. For buildings without onsite engineers or floating facility staff tend to prefer this type of contract.


Maintenance is often the first to suffer when it comes to budget cuts. DMS can provide an inspection only contract to help reduce the cost of a complete service contract. Inspection only contracts can be customized to meet your criteria. Experienced technicians performing inspections can identify small issues before they become a large issue. If the routine maintenance is already being done in house, DMS can provide the technical assistance specific to the equipment or system. If customers require a third-party review inspection than this contract can meet those needs. Inspection contracts provide inspection reports and deficiencies logs after each visit.


All systems and equipment require specific service. Custom contracts can be tailored to meet critical or specific systems. We will work with you to create a custom fit for your building system. All contracts are available for customization.


Customers that provide in house material and service items can benefit from a labor only contract. Minimizing the cost of contractor supplied items or when customers have need for the manpower during service.